It’s a Matter of Life and Death

Death is a reality we will each face. Death represents the finality of our earthly experience; it is the end to life as we know it in the flesh. What pains us is the realization that each lived experience will one day have an end. Depending on your belief, many of us will acknowledge that there is an afterlife, a life lived through our spiritual self, yet one very different from our human interactions. Continue reading “It’s a Matter of Life and Death”

Tragedy in Connecticut

Hate, intolerance, and irrationality causes us to live in a world of uncertainty. We use our ideologies to defend injustice against others. We use religion to say that our morals give us the right to discriminate. We use the name of God and the Bible to defend a precept that God is a God of justice and not equality.  Continue reading “Tragedy in Connecticut”