Dr. Dayton Campbell chastises Lisa Hanna – “Dis a PNP, dis a nuh Miss World.”

“Dis a PNP, dis a nuh Miss World,” was the latest soundbite from member of parliament Dr. Dayton Campbell as he addressed attendees at a recent political meeting in Southeast St. Ann. This is not the first time that Dr. Campbell has created a stir by his actions or comments on the political platform. Continue reading


Behind the Scenes with Willy Chin – Jamaican Entertainer and member of Black Chiney Sound System

Willy Chin in the studio. He currently owns and operates C-Lab Studios.

Willy Chin in the studio. He currently owns and operates C-Lab Studios.

A fixture in the international dancehall and reggae music scene, Willy Chin has been at the turntable for over a decade. Having started his career as a deejay with the popular sound system group Black Chiney. Born Warren Hoo to Jamaican parents of Asian decent, Willy Chin has always been surrounded by music. His cousin is grammy-award winning record producer Dwayne “Supa Dups” Chin-Quee who is the founding member of Black Chiney.

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The Real Jamaica: Welcome to Jamrock

I began writing this portion of my blog at 35 thousand feet as i journeyed towards my homeland. My excitement built with each passing minute as I thought about reuniting with my family after 8 months, and getting the opportunity to participate in Jamaica’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The event was even more meaningful because I decided to take a friend along with me. Continue reading