Black Lives Matter, Too

In the last few years I’ve avoided social media and tend not to get into dialogues about race relations, politics or religion. However over the last few weeks I’ve seen how our perceptions as individuals have been skewed by our own experiences and privileges. Being Jamaican, I was fortunate to grow up in a society where I was a part of the racial majority. As such, I never experienced systematic racism as many of my African American brothers and sisters. However I have been careful not to dismiss their experiences because of my failure to fully understand their reality.  Continue reading “Black Lives Matter, Too”

iBelieve in Me – What life in the USA has taught me

On a day marked by celebrations regarding the independence of the United States, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the beauty of this great country. The opportunities presented to me here are endlessly and I have grown to love and respect the people of a land that means so much to our world today. Continue reading “iBelieve in Me – What life in the USA has taught me”