Instagram Comedian parodies West Indian Culture

IMG_2688Non-stop laughter is what you can expect if you visit the Instagram page @prnc_charming, it is the Instagram account of rising internet sensation Stephen Francis. A New York native, Stephen has been posting short fifteen second comedy clips on his Instagram account since September of 2014. His comedy sketches are usually parodies of West Indian culture which many, especially West Indians within the diaspora can relate to. He has a growing list of fans and his social media reach is expanding with each new post. I wanted to take sometime to focus on the man behind the comedy, his motivations, and where he hopes to take his talent.  Continue reading


Behind the Scenes with Willy Chin – Jamaican Entertainer and member of Black Chiney Sound System

Willy Chin in the studio. He currently owns and operates C-Lab Studios.

Willy Chin in the studio. He currently owns and operates C-Lab Studios.

A fixture in the international dancehall and reggae music scene, Willy Chin has been at the turntable¬†for over a decade. Having started his career as a deejay with the popular sound system group Black Chiney. Born Warren Hoo to Jamaican parents of Asian decent, Willy Chin has always been surrounded by music. His cousin is grammy-award winning record producer Dwayne “Supa Dups” Chin-Quee who is the founding member of Black Chiney.

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YouTube Sensation Becomes Jamaica’s New Obsession

Within the last week we have realized the far-reaching impact of brand Jamaica. While many of us are cognizant of the fact that our culture permeates geographical as well as cultural boundaries, we are still amazed when we receive tangible evidence of its impact. Allow me to introduce you to Lucas Dipasquale, a native of Markham, Ontario who recently uploaded a cover of the dancehall song Ravin, originally song by Andre Sutherland , otherwise known as Popcaan.¬†Lucas’ rendition done in acoustic format has since generated thousands of views and continues to take the social media world by storm. Continue reading