The Past Came Rushing Back: The Role of Religion in protecting the Abuser – Pt. 1

He held my hands and told me it would be okay, every hurt I had been through would be washed away with what was about to ensue. That was the guarantee that my molester gave me moments before he would proceed to take advantage of me. Being a defenseless child I endured every moment of it, and ironically at times I would ask to be molested. Why? Overtime I accepted the words of the offending party, I bought into the myth that sexual molestation was my escape from reality, even at the tender age of 4.  Continue reading “The Past Came Rushing Back: The Role of Religion in protecting the Abuser – Pt. 1”

Leadership: Learn to Build People Up and not Tear them Down

Today I want to take a brief moment to address the issue of leadership and teamwork, and the importance it plays not only in your academic career, but throughout life. Leadership first and foremost should not be seen as a position of ultimate dominance, but rather a position of ultimate service. Through leadership it is your duty to serve those whom you lead. Intertwined in the ability to lead, must be your commitment to invest in those around you, and to build a strong team of individuals in order to accomplish any task set before you. A true leader knows the value and the necessity of teamwork, without which, no one would be successful. Continue reading “Leadership: Learn to Build People Up and not Tear them Down”

Celebrate You, Don’t Settle to be Someone Else

In the summer of 2008 Jamaica’s Usain Bolt ran the 100 meters race in 9.69 seconds at the Beijing Olympic Games. Following Usain Bolt’s record-breaking run, the world has been fascinated by the speed of many Jamaicans, a country which over the years has produced some of the world’s greatest athletes.  Committed to securing the claim as one of the top athletes among the greats that Jamaica had produced I decided it was my time to run the 100 meters race. Therefore, in 2011 after 1 day of intensive training which included brisk walking, and few short jogs, I decided I was ready to attempt what would be considered one of the greatest challenges of my athletic career. Continue reading “Celebrate You, Don’t Settle to be Someone Else”

Healthy Eating Tips – Learning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

We are confronted with a list of questions daily regarding how we should live a healthy lifestyle, what food should I consume how much exercise should I do. When I began my weight loss journey I found it hard to control my eating habits. What I eventually realized was that I could exercise everyday, but I would never reach my weight loss goals if did not make an adjustment to my diet. I eventually concluded that what I ate and when, was just as important as how much I exercised. I first must start with a disclaimer: the information provided in this blog is for reference regarding a general healthy eating plan. For a more detailed and individually tailored eating plan, you must consult with a registered dietician / nutritionist. Continue reading “Healthy Eating Tips – Learning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle”

The Anatomy of Abuse – Part 2: Learning to Embrace your Past

I have indeed been overwhelmed and humbled by the numerous support and response I have received since I posted my initial “The Anatomy of Abuse” blog yesterday. Many of you have written to me personally giving me your support and encouragement. It truly means a lot to me. Many of you have also asked about how I managed to go through life thus far with the history of my past. I am therefore writing this as a follow-up to answer some of the questions I have since received. Continue reading “The Anatomy of Abuse – Part 2: Learning to Embrace your Past”

The Anatomy of Abuse: How to turn adversity into triumph

My heart raced, and beads of sweat began pouring down my face, eventually the world around me ceases to exist and I was drifting away into my own universe one where I questioned my existence. In my universe I was driven by fear of not being good enough, and the fear of being ridiculed. In my universe I thought of a world where maybe I could be perfect, maybe I could be different, maybe, just maybe I could be like others around me. Continue reading “The Anatomy of Abuse: How to turn adversity into triumph”

Mexico: The Value of Friendship;The Adventure of a Lifetime

Many of us spend our lives searching; we search for love, a reason for existence, and answers to deep questions about life and its meaning. On our journey we meet people along the way that assist in enriching our lives, and contribute significantly to the path we take going forward. In April of 2010 fate brought a stranger into my life randomly, and as time passed I learned that this stranger held the key to unlocking some of the hopes and dreams I hid for many years. Continue reading “Mexico: The Value of Friendship;The Adventure of a Lifetime”