The Cookie that Changed my Life

So I have been working feverishly to try and understand how after loosing a tremendous amount of weight, I gained back almost 50 pounds. Yes that’s right, you may now pick up your jaw from the ground. After about a year of flaunting my new slim and slender body, I began an unhealthy relationship with a friend from my past, well more like a frenemy (that’s friend/enemy for the non-Jamaicans ), let’s call her Miss. Macadamia Nut. Others call her a cookie, she sits in a small container in most Subway stores, waiting for the committed dieter to come in her path.

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The Iceberg Personality

My feet tingle, my heart begins to race, and a slew of emotions begin rushing through my head, as the tears begin to flow. That is how every moment starts for me when I recall some of the hardships I have endured in my life.

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